DVD Weekly Podcast (general)
Let's do this. It's time for the DVD Weekly Podcast!

The boys are on fire in this edition of the DVD Weekly Podcast! Enjoy the show!

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Let's get spooky with this week's DVD Weekly Podcast!

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Let's all gather round the podcast radio with Don & Jarrod for another exciting adventure of the DVD Weekly Podcast! 

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It's time for more summer DVD releases!

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This week we take a look at the tragic end to Soundgarden's Chris Cornell.

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Let's do a little DVD Weekly Podcast shall we?

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It's the month of love. So let's do a little DVD love shall we?

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It's movies, music and more this week on the DVD Weekly Podcast!

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Let's do some DVD's shall we?

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it's time to check out the latest DVDs with the DVD Weekly Podcast!

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