DVD Weekly Podcast
Let's do this. It's time for the DVD Weekly Podcast!

Everything is melting! It is as hot as hell in the studio today. we are dying just to bring you next Tuesday's dvd releases. Ain't that something?

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It's a late night DVD Weekly Podcast!

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Exhausted and with terrible attitudes ( well Don's anyway) the boys deliver another wonderful show for their dedicated listeners. Ain't that something special ?

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It's way too damned hot. 88 degrees and we have froth dripping from our over-worked jowels. Our bodies scream out for refrigerated air as our pores burn evil sweat into our skins. How the hell do people live through this crap? Oh yes, and we have some DVD releases to tell you about.

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Get out the Fourth of July fireworks and light up the sky! Because it's Independence Day in the USA? No, because Don has had a DVD life-changing experience. Find out what it is in this edition of the DVD Weekly Podcast.

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