DVD Weekly Podcast
Let's do this. It's time for the DVD Weekly Podcast!

Get ready for a special edition of the DVD Weekly Podcast as the whole family gets together to present to you next Tuesday's DVD releases!

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Here's a nice podcast to listen to while you drink your eggnog. Get ready for next Tuesday's DVD releases!

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Ho Ho Ho. Pass me some egg nog and let's hear about next Tuesday's DVD releases!

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Ho Ho Ho. It's finally December. Let's get into some DVD releases!

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We are heading into the Christmas Holidays, so grab some hot chocolate, throw a yule log on the fire and get ready for some laughs as we take a trip through Tuesday's DVD releases!

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It's time to get your Gobble Gobble on as we take a tour through the best DVD releases coming up this Tuesday. Everybody ready? Here we go!

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It's more fun and mayham as we take a trip through Tuesday's DVD releases!

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It's time to get out that holiday gift-giving list as we check out this coming Tuesday's DVD releases.

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Will a toothache stop our hosts from delivering this week's DVD releases. Listen and find out!

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Join Don & Jarrod as they interview some of the best horror stars in the business! All the frightful fun packed into one podcast.

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