DVD Weekly Podcast
Let's do this. It's time for the DVD Weekly Podcast!

Join the boys as they check in with this week's DVD Weekly Podcast including details on the DVD Weekly Football Fantasy League. 

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Fun report from the past week, Over / Under, DVD Weekly Podcast Fantasy Football League announcement and new Tuesday's DVD releases. Let's do this!

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Okay.....this show is just disturbing! Sooooooo disturbing.

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Join us for some brotherly fun and next Tuesday's DVD releases!

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Let's come together for the DVD Weekly Podcast! 

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Did someone say Summer? Okay....let's do this!

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The boys are on fire in this edition of the DVD Weekly Podcast! Enjoy the show!

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Come join us for another heaping helping of hospitality and DVD releases.

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We've got a GREAT most wanted for you this week! And phone calls make their return! YAY!

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Do we have an Over Under winner this week? Check it out and see!

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