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DVD Weekly Podcast

Delivering you the lastest DVD releases in our own crazy way since 2005!

Nov 23, 2020


Listen to this week's show to find out more. 

Nov 13, 2020

Lots to talk about this week including who will entertain at the upcoming Superbowl Halftime show. We'll even give you the set list!

Nov 7, 2020

Get ready to learn all about the new Xbox and Sony Playstation game systems! As well as news from the worlds of Movies, TV, DVD's and more on this week's DVD Weekly Podcast.  

Oct 30, 2020

Let's do the transition from Haunted Masks to Gobbling Turkeys this week on the DVD Weekly Podcast. 

Oct 25, 2020

Halloween mayham, tricks and treats and.......whats the real story behind the open microphone during the football game.  Caution: Twisting Story Ahead!